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DPO365 helps you to succeed with your tasks and obligations

By using DPO365, you ensure that your organisation’s data protection tasks are on track.


Why should I choose Privaon’s DPO365?

DPO365 provides valuable guidance and effective tools that help you to tackle DPO’s tasks and responsibilities. You can easily plan, manage and assign your organisation’s data protection related tasks and effectively report your progress.

Also, DPO365 helps you implement data protection across your stakeholders, significantly reducing the data protection risks.

The goal of the DPO365 is to cut through the complexity of the role through well-defined planning, reporting and guiding.

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Privaon is the developer of DPO365 software

From DPO to DPO

DPO365 is developed by data protection professionals.

After countless hours of testing and delivering data protection work and as a nominated DPO to many organisations, we in Privaon created a comprehensive solution to help the DPOs to handle their organizations’ data protection.

Privaon is a globally recognized specialist and software company in the fields of Privacy and Data Protection.

Privaon’s data protection professionals are using DPO365 to manage their daily data protection related tasks within different customer organisations and continuously developing it based on their experience.

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Service Benefits

How can DPO365 help you?

DPO365 is the first top-down service for data protection, and it offers well-defined planning, reporting and guiding tools.

You can answer to your CEO in seconds, “How is our data protection doing?” In addition to having an up-to-date overview of your organisation’s compliance status, you can easily view the details of your tasks and assigned tasks.

You can create an annual plan in 10 minutes and assign tasks to relevant stakeholders.


Get clarity and structure to complex privacy operations and tasks

DPO365 supports and guides data protection officers, people responsible for data protection and other stakeholders in resource planning. It helps you to identify the essential tasks to focus on and organize any relevant material around these tasks to demonstrate compliance efficiently. DPO365 allows you to assign tasks, follow the deployment level and provide advice when requested or needed.

The DPO365 dashboard enables you to communicate a real-time organization status with stakeholders. In practice, DPO365 helps you to implement privacy in your organization: it enables visibility, real-time communication and task delegation.


Demonstrate compliance immediately

The planning, managing and reporting model combined with the valuable and timely guidance is a proven methodology to meet the DPO responsibilities.  

You will be able to track which tasks you and your organisation have completed, and you will have evidence of the completed tasks to demonstrate compliance.

The system guides you to follow the plan and to complete, check, and cycle the tasks where needed. It guides you with the data protection activities to meet the requirements in data protection legislation. In addition, you can see the key compliance documentation in a single view. 


Monitor progress easily and keep data protection on track

DPO can monitor the annual plan’s progress through the dashboard. With colourful dashboard visualisation and a Gant-style project scheduling view, the progress of the tasks is easy to assess.

The dashboard provides answers to the question, “Are all the planned data protection tasks on track in our organisation?” in seconds.


Create effective and clear reporting fast

Typically, DPOs need to report on data protection status on both an ad-hoc and annual basis. DPO365 supports these reporting needs by providing the annual report as well as the dashboard for ad-hoc reporting.


Save time and money by automating accountability

DPO365 is an easy and light to use top-down -service. DPO365 automates the manual steps to demonstrate accountability, calculates key metrics, and generates content for annual reports. The automation will significantly cut down the time needed for the performance of these tasks.

DPO365 has proven to reduce the project management effort around the DPO responsibilities.

DPO365 helps to identify the essential tasks to focus on and to efficiently organize any material and notes around these tasks for accountability. Further, the automation saves time from the key resources and dramatically reduces the project management effort around the DPO responsibilities.

Annual plan templates, default tasks, easy to do planning and designation of tasks, and the automation of manual steps in demonstrating accountability are examples of how DPO365 saves time from the key resources.


Plan all your tasks in 10 minutes with ready-made templates

Create an annual plan in 10 minutes with DPO365. DPO365 provides various annual plan templates for small and medium-sized organisations as well as to corporations.  

The templates include mandatory activities necessary for maintaining privacy compliance.

The annual plan templates automatically suggest scheduling for these activities throughout the calendar year. Appropriate privacy activity scheduling helps to optimize the use of resources within the organization.

The user can freely modify the annual plan in terms of the scope of activities conducted and the timing of the activities. The annual plan also documents the necessary implementation evidence for accountability.

Instead of a massive project, with DPO365 you will do the annual plan in
10 minutes.


Support and easy access to experienced data protection professionals at Privaon

DPOs often feel uncertainty if they have done everything needed properly. This is why we provide professional privacy support and advisory for DPOs and persons responsible for data protection.

You can upgrade the DPO365 -service to the desired level of privacy support.


Peace of mind – Enjoy being a well-organised privacy professional

Using DPO365, you can demonstrate that the necessary tasks have been carried out and documented in a timely manner.

DPO365 clarifies the roles, responsibilities as well as tasks through well-defined planning, reporting and guiding. It helps you to operate in a professional manner and gives you peace of mind.  

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Service Process

1. Start using in 5 minutes
2. Create annual plan in 10 minutes
3. Know what to do next and assign tasks
4. Monitor progress
5. Create easy-to-read reports
6. Enjoy the peace of mind

Our Happy Customers

Do you want to see in 30 minutes, how DPO365 can help you to succeed?

Please reserve a time for a demo!

DPO365 is developed by data protection professionals.

It helps you to plan, report, and guide through necessary tasks to meet DPO responsibilities. You will be able to demonstrate that you have done necessary tasks and have evidence to prove it.

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